Operating Conditions

Before you use this site, please, read carefully the operating conditions as outlined below. By using this site, you signify your agreement to these conditions. In case you DO NOT agree with these conditions, please, do not use the online store Flexshop.com. N.H. impact positiv GmbH reserves a right to change the terms on the Flexshop.com at any time. All changes are binding for buyers so it is advisable to regularly check the Operating Conditions.

Online Store

Flexshop.com is an online store managed by N.H. impact positiv, Industriestrasse 145, 9015 St. Gallen GmbH, SWI


All prices on the Flexshop.com are stated in Euro and include VAT. Product prices are those valid at the date that Flexshop.com confirms the order. Prices may be changed without prior notice.

N.H. impact positiv GmbH is liable for payment of VAT.


Information about a concluded contract or placed order is saved at the Flexshop.com. It is attainable in the User Account of the individual user (through the website) or in the data base of the company N.H. impact positiv GmbH (personal access or inquiry over the phone). The contract can be concluded in English language. The contract can be concluded or the order placed by phone, e-mail or through the website (web store). Order modifications can be sent by e-mail or communicated over the phone.                     

Purchase Steps – Conclusion of Contract

Product Choice – Order Placement

A user adds desired products into the cart, fills in the checkout form and places an order. The order is placed in a queue, whereas the buyer receives a copy of the order in his or her mailbox. The buyer can cancel the order via e-mail in two hours after it has been placed. The order is saved in “Archive” on the supplier’s server. The user can view the column "Log In".

Order Confirmed – Contract Concluded

The supplier views the order in 48 hours, checks whether products are in stock and confirms or refuses the order. In case the price has been changed during the order processing, the supplier binds itself to try to offer the lowest price or find a solution that would be mutually pleasing. The supplier reserves the right to contact a user through his or her phone number. If the order is confirmed with a notification “in process”, the contract between the supplier and the user is irrevocably concluded. The contract shall not be concluded if the order is refused.


Within the stated term, the supplier will ship the ordered goods and the original invoice.

Order Cancellation

During the first 2 hours after the order input, the registered customer can cancel his or her order. Once this time limit has been passed, the order can be cancelled only over the phone.

Delivery Time

The online store Flexshop.com will do its best to deliver the ordered goods in stated terms. After the order was placed, the registered customer receives a confirmation, which includes confirmation of ordered products and the total price. The order confirmation also includes our phone number and e-mail adress for customer support, to which you can turn to if you have any questions or remarks regarding your order. If the order includes discontinued products, we will try to agree with you upon a proper delivery time. N.H. impact positiv GmbH can reject an order before it issues a notification "order in process", if it establishes that that the order cannot be carried out under the conditions referred to above.


Delivery of the ordered goods is provided by our business partner (GLS Logistics). Refer to the table.

The delivery is made to the address you stated when you logged in or placed an order. If you are not at home at the time of delivery, the delivery services will try to agree with you on another time for delivery without additional cost. If the goods are out of stock, we will immediately inform you about it, offer you other similar products and inform you about the delivery period for ordered products.


Country Courrier Delivery time Orders under 50€ Orders 50€- 100€ Orders 100€-150€ Orders over 150€
Austria DPD                1 7.99 7.99 free free
Belgium DPD 2 - 3 7.99 7.99 free free
Croatia DPD 1 - 3 6.99 6.99 free free
Czech Republic GLS 2 14.99 14.99 7.99 free
Denmark DPD 2 - 3 9.99 9.99 4.99 free
Estonia GLS 3 - 4 19.99 19.99 9.99 free
Finland DPD 4 - 6 19.99 19.99 19.99 9.99
France DPD 4 - 6 7,99 free free free
GBR DPD 2 - 3 9.99 9.99 4.99 free
Germany DPD 1 - 2 7.99 7.99 free free
Greece DPD 3 - 4 19.99 19.99 9.99 9.99
Hungary DPD 1 - 2 7.99 7.99 free free
Ireland GLS 3 - 5 19.99 19.99 9.99 free
Italy SDA 1 -2 7.99 7.99 free free
Latvia GLS 3 - 5 19.99 19.99 9.99 free
Lithuania GLS 4 - 5 14.99 14.99 7.99 free
Luxembourg DPD 2 - 3 9.99 9.99 3.99 free
Montenegro Pošta Slovenije 2 - 4 18.99 18.99 8.99 free
Netherland DPD 2 - 3 8.99 8.99 3.99 free
Norway DPD 3 - 4 17,00 + 25,00 Duty costs 17,00 + 25,00 Duty costs 17,00 + 25,00 Duty costs 10,00 + 25,00 Duty costs
Poland DPD 1 - 2 9.99 9.99 4.99 free
Portugal GLS 3 - 5 19.99 19.99 9.99 free
Romania DPD 2 - 3 19.99 19.99 9.99 free
Serbia Pošta Slovenije 2 - 4 9.99 9.99 4.99 free
Slovakia DPD 1 - 2 9.99 4.99 4.99 free
Slovenia DPD in Pošta Slovenije 1 - 2 4.00 free free free
Spain DPD 3 - 5 19.99 19.99 9.99 free
Sweden DPD 2 - 4 9.99 9.99 4.99 free
Switzerland DPD 2 - 4 11,50 + 25,00 Duty costs 11,50 + 25,00 Duty costs 11,50 + 25,00 Duty costs 5,00 + 25,00 Duty costs
Turkey GLS 6 19.99 19.99 9.99 free

Data Security and Privacy

Registration and/or entry of personal data are required to use our online store Flexshop.com and needed only for proper service provision. Flexshop.com or its manager will never exchange, sell or lease your personal data to third parties. Your personal data will never be used in a way you do not agree with. Registered customers can view their data saved in their user accounts.

SECURITY OF DATA entered at the registration:

According to the Personal Data Protecting Act (Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia, Nr. 94/2007), the company N.H. impact positiv GmbH will protect your privacy in the following way:

  • We collect only the data you submitted voluntarily
  • The submitted data will be used only for business purposes
  • Your personal data will not be passed to third parties
  • We use software that protects your privacy

Personal data is stored and used until you revoke by e-mail ([email protected]) your agreement to storage and use.

Legal Notice

The online store Flexshop.com and all information, pictures of products and graphics displayed on the website are protected by the Copyright Act and are not allowed to be reproduced or used without prior written approval. Trademarks and logotypes of manufacturers of the products are their copyrighted property.


N.H. impact positiv GmbH will make every effort to include accurate and up-to-date information on this website. However, N.H. impact positiv GmbH cannot guarantee accuracy of information and shall not be liable for errors in the contents of the website Flexshop.com. Pictures of products are symbolic and do not represent the actual state of affairs.

Methods of Payment

The online store Flexshop.com accepts the following methods of payment:

  • Credit Card or PayPal
  • Prepayment