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Nutrabolics Waxybolic (2.000g)


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Whether your benching five plates a side, squatting 3 plates for 20 or running down the rack curls till your arms explode, your body needs carbs to fuel your workout. Don’t take enough in or don’t take the right carbs and you’ll be hitting a wall on your sixth rep no doubt. Carbohydrates provide your muscles with the high energy needed to smash through every set of every workout and replenish your muscles from the battle you put them through. But it’s not enough to just chomp down a bunch of sugar, bread, oatmeal or pasta and hope everything’s gonna work itself out. No way!

How Glycogen Is Formed

To understand why WAXYBOLIC is the best carbohydrate supplement in existence, you must first understand what glycogen is and how it’s made. Your body stores carbohydrates in your muscle and liver cells in a form physiologists call glycogen. This sits dormant waiting to be used. But your body can’t manufacture all this glycogen at one time. It’s made slowly and steadily throughout the day as you take in more and more carbohydrates or gluconeogenic amino acids. Since the machinery that makes glycogen moves at a slow but even pace, you need to eat throughout the day in small, frequent feedings to optimize the process. You also need to eat fast absorbing carbs to kick the process into motion, followed by slow digesting carbohydrates to keep the process going. This “fast” then “steady” feeding is the key to maximizing the glycogen building process. That’s where WAXYBOLICcomes in. This advanced carbohydrate matrix combines the sustained energy of complex carbohydrates with the rapid absorption of simple sugars, without bloating or a rapid rise and fall of insulin levels.

Post Workout Recovery

After the heavy weights are thrown down, it’s time to repair and build your glycogen stores back up. This is the crucial recovery stage. The rapid absorption of WAXYBOLICallows you to begin this recovery process sooner and more effectively.

WAXYBOLICalso does not interfere with other post-workout supplements; it compliments them. Each serving helps you transport amino acids, creatine, protein, vitamins, minerals and various micronutrients to where they’re needed most – your muscles!



Mix 1 scoop (40g) with 3 dl of water, juice, milk or any other beverage. For better results, consume 3-5g of carbohydrates per kilogram of bodyweight per day. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children!


Hydrolized & Fractionated Waxy Maze Starch, Trechalose, Hydrolized Rice Syrup, Glucose Polymers, Enzyme Matrix (invertase, amylase, inulase)




50 servings


1 scoop (40g)


(per 1 serving)


150 kcal