iForce Tribulus 2400 (90 caps)

iForce Tribulus 2400 (90 caps)

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iForce Tribulus 2400 (90 caps)
iForce Tribulus 2400 (90 caps)
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Tribulus 2400 features a specific form of Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris, that is known for a superior amounts of active saponins and protodiscin. These actives are the driving force behind Tribulus 2400's ability to promote rapid testosterone production and muscle gains! This makes Tribulus 2400 more potent and more effective than lesser quality extracts on the market that will not deliver gains. Tribulus is scientifically proven to increase the production of leutinizing hormone or LH. LH is responsible for many functions including sex drive and sexual stamina. LH is also a direct indicatory of testosterone production. By boosting the output of LH your body will also increase its output of testosterone. Elevated testosterone levels support increased muscle mass and strength, and also help muscle recovery and endurance.

Supplementing your diet with IForce Nutrition's ultra-high potency Tribulus 2400 may promote:

-      Increased Testosterone & Leutinizing Hormone Production

-      Increase Sex Drive

-      Boost Muscle Strength and Power



Take 1 capsule upon waking, 1 capsule midday, and 1 capsule prior to sleep.  Continue use for 8-12 weeks. Then discontinue for at least 4 weeks. Do not take more than 3 capsules daily.

Other ingredients:

Rice flour, magnesium stearate


90 capsules 




1 capsule 


for 1 capsule 

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Extract

(Standarized to 40% Furastanol Saponins)