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Crossgen Compression Socks We Play Hard (grey)


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Crossgen Compression Socks — A must-have accessory for better athletic performance

Compression socks are in fashion. Whether it's in running, in weightlifting, for health reasons, or just because they look pretty cool, everyone is using them. But do they actually bring any benefits? Should we just stop worrying and use them at will?

As is turns out, this type of compression equipment has been used in medicine for decades to improve blood flow  to the legs and to benefit general well-being. Let's take a closer look at its effects on blood flow, arteries and veins:

Arteries – In sports, optimizing blood pressure is key to improve performance. The continuous pressure that compression socks apply on the calves relieves the arterial walls of the pressure they sustain, increasing blood flow and improving oxygen delivery. More oxygen means enhanced performance and better recuperation.

Veins – By applying greater pressure on the ankles, our socks enable better venous return, thus generating a greater return flow to the heart.

Being a brand with deep ties with high intensity sports, we at Crossgen felt the need to launch a line of merchandising products to complement our existing nutrition supplements line, giving athletes a complete set of products to enhance their performance from every angle. That's how the Crossgen Compression Socks were born. They are special compression socks designed to enhance athletic performance, with proven results in different sports, such as in soccer. In fact, the technology behind our socks has been used and tested over the last few years in several teams of the British Premier League, like for instance Chelsea.

Using Crossgen Compression Socks, athletes will experience the following effects:

Enhanced Performance: up to 5% improvement in running performance (study by the University of Dresden, Germany);

Improved Recovery: up to 30% increase in blood flow, which means better blood renovation and thus better recovery. The socks should be used even during resting periods. (Study published by The Journal of Strength and Conditioning");

Reduced Risk of Injury: by reducing muscle vibration and increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery, you are less likely to sustain several types of injuries, such as cramps, achilles tendon rupture and muscle strains.