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  1. Regular Price: €5.99

    Special Price: €3.50

    Clarou Konjac Pasta (200g)

    The Clarou’s delicious Konjac pasta allows you to enjoy while eating without adding unnecessary calories to your diet. With less than 20 calories per 100g of product you can take then at any time of the day.   Benefits: -  &…

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  2. Regular Price: €22.99

    Special Price: €13.99

    Clarou Oat (2000g)

    Clarou’s Oat presents a super product with a great capacity for dissolution combined with amazing flavors. Benefits: -          Great solubility -        &…

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  3. Regular Price: €11.99

    Special Price: €6.99

    Nutrytec Dextrose (1000g)

    Dextrose is one of the new product line of sports supplements Nutrytec dubbed Professional Platinum Series. This combination is a mixture of dextrose monohydrate and taurine that provides much more energy. Dextrose, better known as corn sugar, is a simple carbohydrate almost as sweet …

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  4. Regular Price: €15.99

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    Okygen Dekstroza (908g)

    Okygen Dextrose increases endurance and restores energy levels. Dextrose is a monosaccharide that is approximately 30% less sweet than pure or refined cane sugar, and is not associated with either fructose or lactose. It derives entirely from corn, which makes it natural, …

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  5. Regular Price: €14.99

    Special Price: €8.99

    Okygen Maltodextrine (908g)

    Maltodextrine is a glucose polymer made from starches. Although it is considered a complex carbohydrate, it actually has a high glycemic index, which means it is quickly digested and broken down into glucose, providing a rapid release of energy. Benefits:

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  6. Regular Price: €49.99

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    Optimum Glycomaize (2.000g)

    Whereas proteins help with muscle rebuilding, carbs refuel and replenish. Of the various types available, Waxy Maize Starch and Trehalose are two of the best. Waxy maize starches are long-chain, highly-branched, exceptionally-dense complex carbohydrates that are rapidly absorbed. …

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