Befit Bag Black Edition

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Befit Bag Black Edition
Befit Bag Black Edition
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With the practical and convenient BeFit Bag, you will never skip a meal again!


-         Keeps products cool with ice packs included;

-         3 different food compartments;

-         All-in-one on-the-go meal storage solution;

-         Large pillbox for supplements included;

-         Stores up to 4 liquid containers;

-         Strong and Durable;

-         Easy to carry;

The BeFit Bag is the ideal solution for those who are committed to the fitness lifestyle. The BeFit Bag comes with several compartments of different sizes, that will allow you to store all types of objects inside (tupperwares, bottles, shakers, cutlery, supplements, etc.).

Whether you're looking to gain muscle mass or lose weight, your diet will be a fundamental part of that process. Having your meals at the right time is crucial to increase your metabolism and speed up your muscle recovery process. Many people fail to achieve their goals precisely because they neglect their diet.

The BeFit Bag was developed to solve this problem. Its sleek and practical design effectively guarantees a cool environment inside, keeping your products fresh and perfectly packed.


-         Height: 22.5 cm;

-         Length: 41 cm;

-         Width: 23 cm;

-         Depth of side: 19 cm;

-         Depth of the center (which has the meal storage containers): 20.5 cm;